Monday, 28 September 2015

Travel the World

The world. It is so vast and complex and extraordinary. To think that every continent and every country has their own specific landmasses and monuments. Each country has had very different histories and beautiful stories have been intertwined throughout history. Traveling, I think, is one of the best educations a person can get. To visit monuments where queens and kings of stood, where battles were won and lost, where buildings used to exist, that is learning. Sitting in a classroom and being forced to study and write papers and take tests is not learning, it is being taught to pass a test. Life is not a test, it is a learning experience. The more you learn the richer your life is.
Now how can I say something like that when I am in school. Yeah I am in university, I’m receiving a degree in history. But in this world nowadays without a degree in pretty much anything you can’t get a job in this world. Traveling may be different for some people, but for me, traveling is a way to escape from my life. To live inside my own mind and see the world. To experience the people and the cultures around the world is education, that is learning. Travel the world.

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